DIXCEL comes from the land of the rising sun, Japan. DIXCEL is an aftermarket brake manufacturer of brake pads and discs. The company was established in June 2003 and is now one of the leading brake manufacturers in Japan and beyond!

DIXCEL products are not only being used in street cars but in racing machines in the D1 GRAND PRIX, Super-GT, VW Sirocco-R cup, Super Taikyu, and much more.

DIXCEL products cover a wide range from street-use to professional race-use; to answer the needs of all types of drivers.

DIXCEL is also the only company to use the off the shelf product in the Japanese GT and 24 hour race. The FCR series that you actually buy is exactly the same compound as used in the Japanese GT cars.

Stopping power with low brake dust

At first glance, the statement above may seem contradicting. DIXCEL is able to research & develop such a product because we are an aftermarket brake manufacturer. DIXCEL is not a brake manufacturer that only specializes in motorsports applications. Our research & development goes beyond motorsports, to ordinary street-use sedans, mini-vans, and luxury cars.

The consumers who drive normally wanted a brake pad that has low brake dust without sacrificing braking power.

DIXCEL is involved in motorsports to constantly improve and develop our products. Motorsports allows us to test our products in extreme conditions which cannot be achieved in normal uses.

After a careful material selection process, the testing of the M-type brake pad was done using heavy cars like the Lexus LS600h and Toyota Alphard. The chosen materials passed repeated extreme brake tests from speeds of 180km/h. The M-type brake pads are not just a low dust brake pad, brake pads that offers improved braking performance.