The world's highest grade racing brake fluid! Having passed the D.O.T. 4 standard
  • The dry boiling point (328°C) which exceeds the D.O.T. 4 standard
  • Since the fluid exceeds the D.O.T. 4 standard, the fluid can be used on the street and race circuit.
    Great for users who drive their car on both the street and race circuit.
  • Since the fluid is glycol based, it causes no harm to the rubber seals and gaskets.
  • The comfort of having a firmer brake pedal feel, and the stable performance even after long use on the race circuit.
  • Outstanding performance at a reasonable price!
  • The firmer pedal feel is also ideal for street-use.
  • The choice of brake fluid of teams in SUPER GT/Super Taikyu/Civic one-make race series.
Price $55 per bottle
Volume 0.5L Part Number RF328-01 (bottle)
Meets the following specifications FMVSS 116 DOT4 & SAE J1703 Main ingredient Glycol based
♦ Typical Properties
  328 Racing FMVSS spec
Dry boiling point 328°C 230°C
Wet boiling point 204°C 155°C
Viscosity (-40°C) 1698cst under 1800 cst
Viscosity (100°C) 2.59cst over 1.5 cst
pH 7.15 7~11.5
328 Racing
Major races in 2010
GT300 class #11 Ferrari F430
♦Super Taikyu (Endurance)
ST2 class #6 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (CT9A)
ST3 class #14 Nissan Z350
♦Civic inter cup
#13 Honda Civic (FD2)
♦Macao GP Road Sports Challenge
#1 Nissan GT-R (R35)
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