The maintenance of vintage cars gets more difficult as time passes. The difficulty of finding replacement parts can be time consuming and sometimes even impossible.
Finding replacement brake pads can be difficult. Users are sometimes forced to change the brake caliper itself when they are unable to find the replacement brake pad. DIXCEL offers a special service for vintage car owners to help keep the car's brakes in original condition. We offer the special service of reapplying new brake compound to your used brake pads.

Z type    
X type    
Production lead time Over one month after receipt of base plate
  • The pricing may increase depending on vehicle make/model
  • The prices above are for a pair of front or rear brake pads.
  • RGS is for drum brakes and all other types are for brake pads.
  • Please send us the base plate or the used brake pad/shoe
  • Some brake parts cannot be fitted with new compound, please contact DIXCEL for more information.

    Examples) The base plate is deformed or damaged.
    The base plate is in a special configuration, or when the overall thickness of the base plate and friction material exceeds 21mm.

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