Better brake performance! Less brake dust! Yet affordable!
  • Made for cruising on the street and highway with better brake performance
  • Longer pad life compared to OEM
  • Low level of brake dust and brake noise
  • Helps for a longer disc life
  • The friction surface of the brake pads are scorched to improve the bedding-in process
  • Mechanical brake pad sensors are installed (Only for models which originally come with sensors)
Friction Materials Non asbestos organic
Effective Temperature Range 0~450°C
Applicable Stages Fast road


EC type
Is it better to change the brake pads and brake discs at the same time?
EC type
  • The above chart represents evaluation values of our product in 100 phases in comparison with genuine pads of the test model. Values of genuine pads show 50.
  • Above values are calculated under test condition. Values of Durability and Disc life are subject to change by continuous use under low temperature (generally less than 150 degrees Celsius). Values of Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust are calculated after a thermal history goes (not under brand-new condition).
The dust amount
  • The dust amount of DIXCEL EC
    (after 1,000 km mileage)
  • The dust amount of OEM pads
    (after 1,000km mileage)
Testing data showing the performance differences of the EC-type pads and OEM pads.

The extra series has the brake performance of a sport brake pads with a price equivalent to OEM pads.
To actually test the performance differences, a braking test was done with an stock Toyota Alphard.

The testing method is rather simple. The car goes through full braking from 80km/h. The distance from the braking point to the point where the car comes to a complete stop is measured.

Photos from the brake tests
■ Photos of OEM brake tests
■ Photos of EC-type brake tests
The distance from the braking point to the point where the car comes to a complete stop (Distance in meters)
Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 The average of the 3 middle numbers
(excluding the max. and min numbers)
Normal 21.80 21.00 19.60 23.20 22.80 21.87
EC 19.70 17.60 17.80 21.00 17.30 18.37

The result, the EC-type has an average of 3.5 meters shorter braking distance compared to the OEM.

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