Rear shoe for SUV, RV and 4X4 vehicles

The brake balance of the car will be disturbed if the X-type pads are installed are on the front and the rear shoes are kept OEM.
By installing the RGX-type on the rear brakes, the ideal brake balance and power becomes possible.

Friction Materials Non asbestos organic
Applicable Stages Fast road, Off-road
Part No./Application
RGX-3154742 AZR60/65G ZRR70G ZNM10 ISIS
RGX-3154756 200
RGX-3252348 50
RGX-3252386 C24
RGX-3451372 P23/24/25/35W
RGX-3453430 PA4/5W
RGX-3453436 PB4/5/6W PC4/5W
RGX-3453446 N84/94W
RGX-3751048 JB23/33/43W
RGX-3759842 JA11/12/22?JB31/32W

indicates the need for the OEM shoes to be traded-in.
Available for a variety of vehicles. Please check the Application Table or directly contact DIXCEL.

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