Brake pads with consistent stopping power for heavier vehicles and upgraded oversized wheels.
  • Superior braking power to easily stop mini-vans and SUVs with upgraded oversized wheels.
  • Unlike the past brake pads which focused only on initial bite; the new pads offer braking power that is proportional to brake pedal pressure.
  • Firm brake pedal feel and proportional brake performance helps you forget the heavy weight of the car. Superior braking performance, less harsh to help prolong disc life.
  • An must-have item for cars with upgraded oversized wheels that use OEM brake calipers.
Friction Materials Graphite metallic
Effective Temperature Range 0~700°C
Applicable Stages Fast road, Off-road

X type is exclusive for use in Street, off-road and not suitable for on road circuit use.
In the case of on road circuit use and causeed early wear etc. We are totally not responsible. Please note this beforehand.

Is it better to change the brake pads and brake discs at the same time?
Xtype ???
  • The above chart represents evaluation values of our product in 100 phases in comparison with genuine pads of the test model. Values of genuine pads show 50.
  • Above values are calculated under test condition. Values of Durability and Disc life are subject to change by continuous use under low temperature (generally less than 150 degrees Celsius). Values of Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust are calculated after a thermal history goes (not under brand-new condition).
The dust amount
  • ■ The dust amount of DIXCEL M type
    (after 1,000 km mileage)
  • ■ The dust amount of DIXCEL X type
    (after 1,000 km mileage)
Test data showing the superior performance of the X-type brake pads compared to the OEM brake pads

Brake pad performance comparison test of the X-type and OEM using a heavier vehicle with upgraded oversized wheels.

Test Vehicle :
DIXCEL tuned Toyota Alphard
Test Method :
Replicating ordinary street-use, full braking from 60km/h. Replicating highway-use, braking from 80km/h. Repeating each condition 5 times for the 3 different patterns listed below. Taking an average of the stopping distances not using the maximum and minimum values for each pattern.
Pattern 1 :
OEM wheels (16 inch) and OEM brake pads
Pattern 2 :
Aftermarket wheels (22 inch) and OEM brake pads
Pattern 3 :
Aftermarket wheels (22 inch) and DIXCEL X-type brake pads
■ Comparison of braking distances
Upgrading your wheels to oversized aftermarket wheels without upgrading your brake pads can be dangerous! To avoid a decrease in brake performance, DIXCEL recommends upgrading your brake pads when upgrading to oversized aftermarket wheels!
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