The high performance brake upgrade package developed exclusively for the
Nissan R35 GT-R

{{Developed under the supervision of racing driver, Tetsuya Tanaka}}

The OEM brakes on the Nissan R35 GT-R has extremely high grade for an OEM product.

The product is well made that it can withstand 30 minutes of free practice on a race circuit. This project was started with the goal of developing a brake package with superior performance. First, the weaknesses of the OEM brake pads needed to be fixed.

Brake pads needed to be capable of doing repeated laps on a racing circuit while keeping stable braking power and having a long pad life. These were the objectives for the development of the new pads. The resulting product is the Specom-β brake pad. The Specom-β has superior stability and performance compared to the OEM pads. This product can achieve high braking force even when stepping lightly on the brake pedal.

Next, the FCR brake disc was chosen for the package. The FCR disc has specific qualities such as 'great initial bite', 'great judder resistance', and 'high heat resistance'. These qualities are absolutely necessary for the high load of a Nissan R35 GT-R. The bell housing is an important factor for the stability and durability of the brake disc. The material is anodized to create a thick, hard coating on the bell housing to increase hardness and durability.

After repeated road testing by Tetsuya Tanaka, and constant research & development, we bring you the all-new High Performance Brake Upgrade package for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Experience a higher level of braking performance which cannot be achieved by the OEM product with our brake upgrade package.

<Profile of Racing Driver, Tetsuya Tanaka> Tetsuya Tanaka is a racing driver that participates in various domestic and international races. At the same time, he is an instructor at Nissan's racing school.

Tetsuya Tanaka also serves as a test driver for different auto magazines; reviewing countless numbers of domestic and import vehicles.

Not only can he drive the car at its full potential, he is able to give accurate feedback of the car's performance. He is involved in the research and development of the Nissan R35 GT-R.

Starting in 2009, he became our companies test driver. Our brake upgrade package for the Nissan R35 GT-R was developed using his vast knowledge and experiences..

  • Features of the High Performance Brake Upgrade Package for the Nissan R35 GT-R

Brake Pad

  • The newly developed Specom-β brake pads
  • Using the special compound that is used in Japanese Endurance Races as a base, a newly formulated compound was developed for the Nissan R35 GT-R
  • Superior initial braking, and approximately two times more durable than the OEM product. (When used at a race circuit)
List PriceFront:$875.45
Friction MaterialsCarbon Semi Metal
Initial bite (µ)0.48
Average µ0.40~0.43
Specom Beta

Front Brake Package

  • FCR brake discs, bell housing, and disc hardware.
  • Unlike the OEM product, each part is available separately.
  • The OEM product is available ONLY as a complete package, individual items cannot be purchased separately.
List Price$1,378.64 per side (note: these rotors are supplied left and right)
2-piece Front Rotor Assembly

Brake Disc

  • The FCR brake disc which uses the highest grade materials.
  • Compared to past FCR brake discs, the amount of carbon has been increased by 20%. As a result, discs are significantly more resistant to deformation and heat cracks.
  • Superior initial bite and decrease in noise level.
  • Two different kinds of discs, Slotted (12-slots) and Non-Slot. (Same price for both kinds)
  • The front disc size is 380mm x 24mm, which fit the 2007-2010 models. The discs do not fit the 2011 model.
List Price Front: $791.59 per side
Rear: $791.59 per side
Outer Rotor Repair Replacement

Bell Housing

  • The material is anodized to create a thick, hard coating on the bell housing to increase hardness and durability.
  • Made of a lightweight, durable, and sturdy duralumin.
Part No.RemarksList Price Including Tax
  • List price is the price of one. There is no set price.
Bell Housing

Brake Disc Hardware

  • Below is for a 10 piece bobbin kit.


FSBS32032E16R/17L are used in Part 3 or more

List Price $244.10/10pcs for a disc set