The high level fusion of stability and brake performance.
  • HS type is the high end model by DIXCEL, which demonstrates high performance in all situations from the streets to the race circuit.
  • DIXCEL combined the benefits of both the heat treatment (stability) and slots (brake performance) to create a superior brake disc, the HS type.
  • On the streets, the slots makes it possible to achieve high levels of friction even at low temperatures. At the race circuit, high level of friction can be achieved along with high stability for an extended amount of time with the heat treatment.
  • The 6 slots brake disc is adopted as standard in the HS type by considering various factors, such as pad wear, squeal and the removal effect of gas at the fading.

The heat treatment does not directly improve brake performance. The heat treatment increases the disc resistance against strains and thermal cracking. It also helps maintain stable brake performance for a extended period of time.

The surface of the heat treated brake discs has a burnt colour. Once it is used, the burnt surface will be removed by the pad, and changes back to the colour of normal cast iron. Please be aware that the effect of the heat treatment of the disc will not disappear even if the surface colour changes.

12 slots version (HST type) is available as a special order. The surcharge of 12 slots is JPY6,000 (w/o tax).

Is it better to change the brake pads and brake discs at the same time?
  • The above chart represents evaluation values of our product in 100 phases in comparison with genuine rotors of the test model. Values of genuine rotors show 50.
  • The values above should be only used as a reference to better understand the performance differences.
  • Higher values signifies the performance increases when compared to the standard disc.
The DIXCEL HS series is for race circuit drivers and race enthusiasts, who need higher heat stability and higher brake performance compared to the standard disc.
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